Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Tale of Najib, Jho Low and Eagle High

A Kadir Jasin

In the name of God, the merciful and the compassionate

IN the opening column, I mentioned about the jet-setting ghost seekers of the Malay Archipelago. It seems that in the process of seeking out the most powerful ghosts and the most divine kiai, some go-betweens became fabulously wealthy.

An Indonesian mystic (Niels Mulder)
But let us leave them in peace in their heavenly kingdoms and talk about the more earthly things like the detention in Indonesia of the luxury abode of the global schemer Mr Low Taek Jho or better known as Jho Low that goes by the name Equanimity – meaning calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.

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This calm and compose US$250-million super yatch was bought with the stolen and laundered money of the MO1-inspired 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

MO1, as the Barisan Nasional Strategic Communication Director, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, had owned up to the BBC in a September 1, 2016 interview was none other than the Malaysian Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

The whole world knows that the vessel belongs to Jho Low except the Barisan Nasional trumpeter, Salleh Said Keruak, who said there was no proof that the yatch belongs to Jho Low when the latter himself had issued a statement condemning the US Department of Justice (DoJ) for detaining his floating palace.

Indonesian Police and FBI officers on board Jho Low's abode
I would not venture to suggest that Salleh and Abdul Rahman or, for that matter, any other member of Najib’s cabinbet were high on ketum or ice.

That’s because unlike the padi farmers who, in the old days, chewed ketum (Mitragyna speciosa) shoots to gain extra energy for the hard work ahead, Najib’s ministers are perpetually energetic and high-spirited when it comes to defending him.

Some say dedak – and lots of it – is enough to keep them energetic, high-spirited and, don’t forget, loyal. Maybe the Majlis Profesor Negara (National Ptofessors Council) should propose a scientific study to determine the effects of dedak consumption on humans.

The farmer in me tells me that dedak consumption cannot be good for humans. Even those who are not from the farming background would know from the warning on dedak bags that it is not for human consumption.

Of course there are other causes like the usage of heroine, morphine, marijuana and designers’ drugs. Please remember the slogan “Dadah Musuh Negara” (drug is the enemy of the country) and stay away from drugs.

Jho Low’s oceanic abode of calmness and composure was detained in a sting operation by the Indonesian Police with the assistance of the US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on February 28 off the holiday island of Bali.

It wasn’t clear if Jho Low was on the boat or anywhere near it. So far there hasn’t been any news on what it carries. But with Jho Low literally spending his life on it, we can safely assume that it carries whatever things that he needs to lead the life of a modern day pirate.

The question being asked by many is why did the yatch venture so deep into the Indonesian territory and so far away from the international waters?

There had been reports that the vessel was skirting the Malaysian, Indonesian Filipino and Thai waters for months. It had been spotted in the Indonesian and Thai territories but never very far away from international waters.

So why did the vessel ventured so deep into Indonesian waters where it had no chance of escaping into the international water? Was Jho Low on it and what was its mission?

Could Jho Low, his family and his benefactor have been lured in a sting operation with the promise of safety to gather on the mythical island to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Incidentally, at around the time the vessel was detained, we also heard the news that Felda had suffered a massive unrealised loss from the purchase of a 37-per cent state in the Indonesian plantation company, Eagle High Tbk.

Despite protests and warnings Felda, whose manTHOR is Najib, bought the plantation from his good friend, the Indonesian Chinese billionaire, (Honorary Tan Sri) Peter Sondakh.

It was reported that Felda paid US$505.4 million (about RM2.24 billion) for the stake – valuing the company’s shares at almost 100 per cent premium. Felda paid approximately IDR 580 per share. Yesterday (March 5) the price of Eagle High on the Indonesian Stock Market was IDR 228.

Sondakh’s good fortune is Felda’s misfortune. For paying a massive premium it is reported to have incurred a paper loss of US$300 million (RM1.2 billion).

One man’s loss is another man’s gain, and in the world of money laundering and cross border transfer, stock and shares provide a convenient vehicle.  
Remember the famous non-existent "units" that 1MDB was supposed to have invested in?



  1. But then Datuk ...
    1MDB has NEVER reported of missing cash or asset .
    IPIC recently acknowledged they 'lost' the money and for that the Abu Dhabi authority have arrested the former CEO of IPIC ( Hatem Qubaisi)for fraud .

    Now... US DOJ have confiscated the super yatch Equinimity in Indonesia which they say owned by the 'crooked' Jho Low who sunglap it from 1MDB.

    Are they ( DOJ ) trying to imply that they will ' returned ' the superyatch to 1MDB ?

    Or ...what datuk are trying to say is that the superyatch Equinimity should be returned to 1MDB ?

    But then .. why not ehhh ...


    1. If there is no money missing why cant 1MDB get the external auditor to audit their financial report for several years already.This usually mean there is something wrong financial reports.If this was a private copany,the company would be charged in court already.Maybe Saudara Waghih can explain why this is so.

  2. This is malicious, making false accusations. Ownership of the yacht hasn't even been established. Worse, lying that it's from money diverted from 1MDB. So where's the evidence then?

    Based on the posts I see on social media and Facebook by Pakatan supporters, it's obvious they are desperate. People are tired of Mahathir and Pakatan trying to whip a dead horse. If 1MDB is all you have, then Najib and BN will have an easy time in the next GE.

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    2. Minta Maaf Dato.

      Tolong abaikan reply terdahulu kepada Lee Wat. Ada sedikit kesilapan.
      Pembetulannya, menyusul selepas ini.
      Terima Kasih.

    3. Besides 1MDB, the electorates, especially those in category(saluran) 1 & 2, could still remember the outcome of Najib, as Defense Minister then, solicited Razak Baginda to purchase for the Navy, 2 scorpene submarines, resulting in Altantuya's gruesome murder with the use of military grade explosive, known as C4, obviously an attempt to wipe out evidence of crime, by 2 UTK personnel.
      Today, after almost 15 years, the 'ghost' of Altantuya is still haunting Najib, UMNO and BN government from Australia's Villawood Immigration Detention facility, in the form of lingering question... who gave that order to kill... since the motif for murder had not been established.

      If you think Mahathir, Pakatan and their supporters are whipping a dead horse, i.e 1MDB-jho Low, your're dead wrong. As a matter of fact, the're more 'horses' in Najib that are still alive and kicking. Apart from Jho Low, Deepak Jaikishan is another example of Najib's curse due to his penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen in government dealings..

      What special privilege had been accorded to Deepak Carpet, that he was granted a RM30 million interest-free loan from Bank Rakyat, almost immediately upon becoming Prime Minister and self-appointed Finance Minister in 2009, is still unknown.

  3. 1.For the benefit of esteemed debaters and readers who understand the English Language and who are not inflicted by the DES, there many reports and analyses concerning the involvement of the Malaysian Official One (MO1), Jho Low and Riza Shahriz Aziz in the embezzlement of 1MDB money.

    2. Several jurisdictions have and are investigating and taking action against people and parties involved in channeling and laundering the stolen money.

    3. Here is one such report.

    4. Of we do not expect the unfortunate debaters and readers who are suffering from DES (Dedak Eating Syndrome) to understand or be interested in the truth because DES is known to promote or make BDS (Bipolar Disorder Syndrome) worse.

    Thank you.

    1. The truth is ...

      1) 1MDB has NEVER reported of any losses ( cash or asset ).

      2) IPIC have recently 'owned' up the losses n have arrested their former CEO Qubaisi n freeze his asset.

      3) Our court of law recently have issued judgement that our PM are cleared of any issue (if any ) on 1MDB .

      4) Our PAC committee have also investigate n cleared our PM.

      5) Our SPRM have investigate and cleared our PM .

      6) SR report was base on doctored 1MDB document from convicted frauder .

      Now ..maybe Datuk can connect the dot ...


    2. If that's all the truth about managing Rakyat's money in 1MDB... Waghih:-

      1. Why were reports from Auditor-General report, BNM and PAC's findings classified under OSA?
      What's the government trying to hide from the Rakyat? Incriminating evidence of wrong-doing?

      2. Why were issue related to 1MDB and Jho Low, not allowed to be brought-up or asked in Parliament?

      3. What was Jho Low's role in TIA and 1MDB? If he's not a public servant, who was he working for in TIA and then 1MDB?

      4. If "IPIC have recently 'owned' up the losses n have arrested their former CEO Qubaisi n freeze his asset", why did 1MDB or the government representing the Rakyat, paid them two times over the same deal?
      (The first tranches in 2012, being remitted 4 times into what seems a fake account bearing almost the same name as Aabar's. The second tranches last year, including penalty for late payment, after IPIC brought the dispute to London's International Court of Arbitration of which 1MDB initially repudiated).

      5. If SR reports was based on doctored document, why didn't the government sued them for slander?
      Hence restoring our country's image, dignity and reputation of Bangsa and Agama which were severely battered, the world over.

      6. Why did our Attorney General turned down, neglected or turned a cold shoulder, not once but twice, to Swiss AG's request for MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance)?

      Surely, the're are many more dots that can be connected to MO1 who does not seems to owns-up to his responsibilities as 1MDB's Mr. 117, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister at the same time.

    3. AsSalamm folks ...

      Let's see now if any of the dot were connected base on RD's feedback.

      Dot no (1)...
      "1MDB has NEVER reported of any losses (cash or asset)."
      # No Sir , there was no report on 1MDB losses as shown by RD's feedback or from anywhere else .

      So ...failure on 1st hurdle . With false basis ... it is a NO GO ... A non starter ...

      A CRY WOLF by Turn M cronies perhaps ...?

      Do try again to connect the dot folks ...


  4. "Or we do not expect the unfortunate debaters and readers who are suffering from DES (Dedak Eating Syndrome) to understand or be interested in the truth because DES is known to promote or make BDS (Bipolar Disorder Syndrome) worse".

    Sir, they are so overdosed on grain (dedak) and they feed on it that the truth does not matter but survival does ... so sad very sad indeed.

  5. DAKJ,
    Too much water has passed under the bridge and yet they plead innocence... and now from one of their own,
    this time in the person of Rais Yatim came this short commentary :
    " Kali ini Rais bersuara berhubung kenyataan Ketua Polis Negara, Mohamad Fuzi Harun yang menyatakan Jho Low tiada kaitan dengan 1MDB....Kata beliau, kiranya begitu anggapan IGP, maka wajar disyorkan agar Jho Low dapat dibawa kembali ke tanahair tanpa sebarang prasangka.
    Selain itu, beliau juga mengucapkan tahniah kepada pihak polis kerana berjaya membuat keputusan kilat dalam waktu yang singkat dalam membersihkan Jho Low. ( from Shahbudin dot com, March 9, 2018.)

  6. Most common question asked ...

    If DOJ really decided to return the asset and cash purportedly stolen from 1MDB ... who will be the beneficiary .?
    Knowing that 1MDB have never report that they were robbed.

    Some people said ..if 1MDB did not owned up the confiscated asset and cash then it will go to those who reported it .... meaning to Melayu Khai and Chinaman Chang .
    Is that so Datuk ..?

    If that's the case nake sense.
    With GE coming soon ...PH need all the money and dedak they can get hold on.

    Interesting ehhh ...


  7. Bangang... Takkan lah duit itu akan diberi kepada orang yang buat report.
    Hang ingat undang-undang, sikap, moral & integrity Negara-Kapir macam undang-undang Melayu-Islam di Malaysia ka?


    - RM2.6 Billion + RM42 Juta masuk akaun peribadi... bila terbongkar, mula-mula tak mengaku. Lepas tu, mengaku, kata duit tu derma dari Pak Arab untuk lawan... sekejap DAP, lepas tu Daesh. Dipecatnya TPM, Menteri dan MB Kedah yang menyoal mengenai 1MDB-Jho Low. Di tukarnya Peguam-Negara, KPN, Pengarah SPRM yang 'jinak' kepada bliau.

    - Duit hampir RM1 Juta dalam akaun Boss CID disita di Australia. Kata duit hasil dari penjualan rumah untuk biayai pengajian anak di sana. Yang peliknya, tidak mahu menuntut-balik duit itu, atas alasan kos-guaman.
    Kalau benar duit itu bukan dari pengubahan WANG-haram, sudah tentu Boss CID boleh menuntut pampasan dari Kerajaan Australia dan tak perlu risau mengenai kos-guaman. Silap-silap boleh dapat keuntungan dua kali-ganda, dari WANG yang disita itu.

    - Media-Asing di seluruh dunia, termasuk jiran terdekat, beri liputan, ada yang dimuka-depan, mengenai 1MDB-Jho Low dan secara terang-terangan menyebut nama Najib, malangnya PM Negara Islam kita ini langsung tidak berani buka-mulut. Dulu kata nak saman, 'next Tuesday', tapi dah dekat 3 tahun masih tak saman-saman.

    - Di Sweden... pukul anak sendiri pun, satu kesalahan berat dan boleh dipenjara 10 tahun. Di Malaysia, Guru pukul anak-murid darjah-3, boleh terlepas dari tindakan undang-undang.

    - 21 budak Tahfiz diambil kesempatan, 7 darinya diliwat, ada yang dipaksa hisap kote... tapi media arus-perdana, seolah-olah memejam kedua-dua biji mata, langsung tidak dilaporkan.

    - Beberapa tahun lalu... 6 ke 9?... orang mati makan kenduri (lauk ayam masak-merah) di Kedah. Yang peliknya, tiada siapa dipersalahkan atau diambil tindakan civil.

    - Tabung Haji berbangga dengan semua bapak-kepala mereka bergambar sambil menunjukkan thumbs-up (bagus) ketika mengumumkan dividen tertinggi bagi 2017... guna istilah Hibah supaya bunyi lebih Islamik... malangnya, cuba menyembunyikan hakikat bahawa kaedah pengiraannya merugikan pendeposit, sebaliknya menguntungkan TH sendiri.

    - Kerajaan secara terang-terangan mengamalkan RASUAH. Di Sibu, dalam satu ceramah/kempen, Najib telah berjanji mahu beri RM5 Juta jika BN menang. Macam lah duit itu keluar dari poket sendiri.

    1. RD ... have you not heard latest news from DOJ .

      " DOJ wants court to seal 1MDB related status update "

      They want to seal and only heard in camera all status update !!??

      Meaning nobody can hear except for the DOJ official and the judge !!??

      Not even the Melayu Khai and Chinamen Chang !!??

      Sooo ... what happened to the COCK sure DOJ official proudly standing infront of ' thousand' press people when making the first n 2nd "Kleptocracy" announcement ???
      Have they CHICKEN out ..??

      They got the Equinimity but are not sure what to do with it ?
      They confiscated all asset n cash from the Qubaisi gang and they are suffocated with it.. ??
      For that reason DOJ official want the court to seal and any hearing to be done in camera ???

      The Swiss parliament have voted and decided that they cannot 'returned' the confiscated cash and asset to Malaysia .
      Only the 'rightfull' owner can claim but thru the court.

      Now .. who is the ' rightfull' owmner ?

      1MDB has ( for numerous time ) announced officially that do not lose any cash or asset .

      Now wonder Turn M and his good buddy the Ultrakiasu DAPiss LKS are furious ..screaming with foam in the mouth .
      With GE coming soon ... the Rm 5 million investment they put in on DOJ have vapourised in thin air .
      They were counting on those monies to be given to Melayu Khai and Chinamen Chang to fueled the PH attack on the Gomen .
      Looks like it's going to be a ... put put attack .

      All the best RD and the Ultrakiasu gang .

      Do keep on dreaming ...


  8. Whatever's been said, Malaysia should atleast run our own investigation.

    Even that we are not able to do. So, dedakians shouldn't say anything anymore.